The New Year

With the New Year that has just arrived, I have an opportunity to revise the dates for documents for the next four months when I inevitably forget it is 2019. While I’m at it, I might want to revise my life as well.

  • Exploring Euclidean Geometry – Those who know me in person have already heard about this project. For those of you who don’t know, EEG is a geometry book leaned more towards those who are interested in learning something new in geometry instead of competition math. I have a couple of things I need to do for the book.
  1. First and foremost, finish all of the theory. Write a couple of problems for each section.
  2. Grind out geometry problems in general, adding them to whichever section is most fitting.
  3. When I feel there are enough problems to release this as a book, I will write a preface. (Note to self: Don’t go too overboard. Last time, I wrote 4 or 5 pages worth of introductions… during a standardized test.)
  4. Branding, website preparations, etc. (In particular, the home page of the website will advertise the book, so I actually have a use for my home page. In general, homepages are useless – but I digress.) Instead of having this website be known as “Dennis Chen’s website + book,” I will have this be known as “Book (also see some handouts).”

General notes on the geometry book:

Three sections on transformations to write. One currently written section (homothety) desperately needs more problems. Three sections on 3D Geo to write (I really do NOT want to do Analytic or Conics, because I’ve done enough of them in 2D Geo). 4 more miscellaneous (and short) sections to write, and I will probably pad the end of the book with some parting shots. 3+3+4=10, so 10 sections left to write.

The last section took me 13 days to write, but I think I can do better – churning out a section every 3 days should be possible for the shorter ones, because I’ve been busy with USAMTS and a “challenge.” Projective and 3D Analytic will probably take a week each. 3*8+2*7=38, so 38 more days of work and the book should be out. Since I have no school, I’ll subtract a couple of days and estimate 35. The problems will probably take me 2 months at most (I already have a couple in mind for some sections), preface/branding will take a week. I hope I can release the book by April.

(Of course, unless I have more content to add. Though I’m already writing stuff like Projective and by the time I’m done, I’ll probably be tired of geometry.)

  • Exercise Book to accompany EEG – as self-explanatory as it gets. I have a couple of nice problems in mind (USAMTS #5 from Round 2 in particular) to put on there, and I have some problems which I’m pretty sure I’ll forget on there. However, this isn’t very high priority with the actual book (with problems from yours truly) and the MPP Summer Camp (see below) coming up, which I care about a little more. Estimated release date: Probably 2020 at earliest.


  • MPP Summer Camp – This one really is in the works. I have to hope I’ll be done with the Geometry book (minus branding) by early March. Currently planned topics: Root Analysis, Factoring, Complex Numbers. I wanted to teach some Algebra (MPP was mostly about Geometry to this point), so that’s what’s planned. However, none of the handouts are written – though doing some old AIME’s has gotten the Root Analysis part pretty much done. I just have to write stuff.


  • Smash Ultimate – Get good at the game. I realized I have never blogged about this, ever. I gave up on my old main Kirby (who I religiously stuck by in Smash 4), and picked up some better characters. This is my character lineup:
  1. Pikachu – NEW MAIN NEW MAIN NEW MAIN! I used him in Smash 4 and boy is he much faster, stronger, and F-Smash is safe on shield! Thunder is ridiculous (which Pichu will bring to new heights), the new N-air lends so well into combos, and D-Tilt is plain stupid. There’s a reason some top players call him #1.
  2. Pichu – Despite Pikachu being my proclaimed main, I probably use Pichu more. Why? Because of his N-air and Up-air! I can run around the whole stage and spam those aerials to control the flow of the game. Yes – he hurts himself, but his best moves (N-air, U-air, U-tilt) don’t hurt himself. Also, the 1 percent he deals on Thunder is well worth the reduced lag. Pichu can still reasonably control stage with Thunderjolt, you can probably just charge Skull Bash and it’ll work, and F-Tilt, a move that you can spam, is a kill tool. The only complaints I have are that his F-Smash has awful range, and his Up-B does too much self damage and has no hitbox.
  3. Mewtwo – Two words: Forward. Aerial. (Also, Shadow Ball has so much stage control.) I was secretly hoping Mewtwo’s float from PM would come, but I’ll take an OP F-air over nothing any day.
  4. Meta Knight – His Up-B felt nice initially, but it’s too hard to connect. His ‘Nado being a kill tool though is welcome. The Rufio from Brawl returns (kind of) as he can kill with his ‘Nado (through the side, but details don’t matter). However, he’d go into my Pockets category.

So now I need to practice the Dash-Attack cancel tech. Goodbye. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, My Smash Corner made a video about it.)

(Notes to self: Reference AoPS V2 for Conics. V2 is a good start for Projective but research will probably need to be done on my own. Analytic = Vectors [mostly] as 3D neq 4D. Remember La Hire’s exists.)


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