After not posting something for long, I’ll post something a little bit underwhelming. The inactivity wasn’t because I had something really good right now (the only thing I have on the back burner is satire), but it’s because I’ve been busy with school work. With winter break, I’ve gotten more time to work on the things I care about (i.e. NOT school).  I hope you find this interesting, despite this post having no substance.

Remembering that all your students exist

I have 6 wonderful students and one not so wonderful student (screw you, Steven). When I need to list them all or take mental attendance, I have to get out the roster. I realize that I have 5 or 6 people listed and blankly wonder who I forgot, despite all 7 of them being in front of me. I pull up the roster and look for 10 minutes before I realize who is missing, and it seems very obvious to me after I find it.

Then we have teachers whose classes have 30 people a period, and have around 90 to 150 people in total. They can remember who exists without batting an eye; often attendance is done without looking at the seating chart and just by memory of seating arrangement. It truly amazes me how teachers can do that, when I can’t remember 7 people who I converse with often outside of class.

And we don’t understand why seating changes aren’t more frequent.

(I am very sorry, class, but it really is hard to list all of you guys. This probably speaks volumes about my teaching method, which is to make the lecture not tailored to anyone at all, so that the kids will think I am tailoring it to everyone.)

Trying to make problems

Boy, this is going to piss my class off. As if I didn’t already last time.

Whenever I make a conscious effort to make problems (i.e. flip through pages of study guides and textbooks to find an idea I can use), they usually turn out to be crap. (Around 5-10% of my problems are going to make it on, say, the final version of our entrance exam.) In contrast, my shower problems (usually brought on because of a combination of fascination for some idea, stupid flavortext ideas, and guilt that nothing I made in the last hour was remotely salvageable), I have a success rate of around 30-40%, and that is a very stingy estimate. At worst this is an improvement of x3, which I have no idea why.

Obvious Observations

Recently I was given the trivial line $$\angle HBC=90^{\circ}-\angle C.$$ The reasoning took me 10 minutes to realize. For those of you as lazy as me, this is because extending HB makes a right triangle. Oops.

I’m sure I have other idiocies, like $$\angle AOB=2\angle ACB,$$ but I don’t remember any of them as of the moment.


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